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Hoy en los juzgados de Taganskaya en Moscú  han comenzado las audiencias preliminares  contra Pavel Dmitrichenko, cómo autor moral del ataque contra Sergei Filin.


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Angelina Vorontsova, a prize-winning ballerina of the Bolshoi Ballet company in Moscow, rehearses for a performance on the upper stage of the Bolshoi Theatre on Feb. 6, 2013.


Entrevista del Time Russia con Vorontsova


On the evening of Feb. 6, the Russian ballerina Anzhelina Vorontsova had to take another trip abroad — this time to Italy — for some performances she wished she had been able to decline. Winsome as a porcelain doll and sublime on the stage, the 21-year-old had little desire to take time away from her work at the Bolshoi Ballet, the legendary Moscow company where she has been a soloist since 2009. But her Bolshoi salary is “miserly,” she says, and moonlighting abroad is her only way to make a decent living. “They don’t let me dance here,” she told me that day during a Bolshoi rehearsal, which she was squeezing in before the flight. “You have no idea how long I’ve been asking to dance Swan Lake, and they refuse.”

It is a gripe that comes up endlessly among the troupe, usually aimed at the theater’s artistic director, Sergei…

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